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About Disposable Vape Australia

Disposable Vape Australia only provides you with high-quality vaping products. We are there for adult smokers who just started vaping or are into disposable vape pens. Now our store has 3 popular disposable vape brands as below for you to choose from.

Puff Bar has started as a vape brand in 2011 with a focus on producing vape juice, batteries and starter kits. PuffBar has made it their mission to provides adult vapers with premium products to elevate life’s greatest moments. With the rise and popularity of vape, Puff Bar grew to become a PUFF e-cigarette site and they now produce brands available worldwide.

IGET Vape was founded in 2017. They produce wholesale e-cigarettes, batteries, chargers, and cigarette liquid. Their mission is to pay attention to listen to the requirements of customers and strive to bring the most advanced products and quality services to customers so that our products are more innovative, intelligent and scientific.

HQD Vape international brand, dedicated to research and development, production and sales of disposable electronic cigarette series products, with a team of more than 1,000 private enterprises; adopt international advanced business philosophy, combine with the market and pay attention to the needs of consumers. While constantly innovating, we pay more attention to “quality first” and constantly introduce various series of products with advanced technology and excellent quality to the market.